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Every year, millions of Americans pack up their belongings and move to a new home. Still, moving can be a complicated process. We can help you make it easier by showing you how to select reliable local movers.
Local moving companies
So what's considered a local move? In most states, local movers handle moves under 50 miles. Most moves over 50 miles are considered intra-state long distance and all moves that cross state lines are considered interstate moves. The 50-mile guideline isn't true for all states. If you're interested in what the cut-off is in your state, call a local moving company and ask.
License requirements for local movers
Many states have their own licensing requirements for local movers. Again, call a few local moving companies and ask them about this information.

Most local movers must also be registered with the US Department of Transportation. You can visit the SAFER database online to get this information.
Checking local movers
Making sure that your local movers are licensed is the first step. It's also important to check references and other credentials. Ask your friends and family if they've ever heard of the local moving company you're considering. Personal experience is one of the best ways to learn more about your local movers.

If you can't find anyone you know who's heard of your chosen local moving service - branch out. Ask the movers to provide you with a list of references you can call. Most local movers will have at least a few names on file for such requests.

Another excellent way to learn more about your local movers is to check their Better Business Bureau record. Beware of local moving companies that have frequent or unresolved complaints against them. A few complaints here and there might happen to any local mover. What you're looking to avoid is a local moving service that has constant disputes.
What services do the local movers offer?
What kind of moving services do you need? Would you like local movers who can also pack your belongings, move your piano or relocate your office? Do you just need a few movers to unload a truck? The kind of services you require will dictate the type of local movers you should be hiring.

If you do need packing or other services, make sure you ask your local movers if they're a full-service company that has these available. Most local movers will be able to accommodate your request or direct you to someone who can.
Getting an accurate moving estimate
Once you select a local moving company, ask them to give you a written estimate. In most states, estimates are not binding, which means that you can end up paying more than what your local movers estimated. Ask you local movers how close their estimates usually are to their final prices.

There a few things you can do make it easier for your local movers to give you an accurate moving estimate. Make sure that you tell your local moving service about everything you plan to move. That includes items you might currently have in storage or in the garage. Let the local movers inspect your goods before they give you a quote. Another important step is to inform your local movers of any special conditions that apply to either your current or your new home. Is their an elevator? Will the truck be able to easily access the loading area or will the local movers need to carry your furniture down the street? What other special considerations apply? Letting your local movers know everything in advance will avoid surprises and extra charges on the day of your move.
Getting quotes from local movers
We invite you to fill out our free moving quote form. You can rest assured knowing that we work exclusively with licensed local movers.

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