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Piano Movers - Let a Professional Moving Company Make It Easier

Few items are as fragile and as valuable as pianos. If you own one and you've decided to move, we highly recommend hiring experienced piano movers to help you with this task.

Piano movers specialize in moving both grand and baby pianos, as well as antiques and other "special consideration" options. The reason that you need professional piano movers is because pianos are nothing like couches, cabinets or commodes. Countless pianos end up in the repair shop after a move. To avoid this problem, don't just hire any moving company. Look for movers that have specific experience as piano movers.
Choosing piano movers
Piano movers know how valuable your piano is to you. Just to make sure, feel free to tell them yet again. Let them know if the piano is an expensive one or if it's passed down to you from your grandmother. Placing a high emotional value on your piano will help the mover understand just how important it is.

Next, ask your piano movers some questions to make sure they really are familiar with moving pianos:

1. How many pianos have you moved?
An experienced piano moving company will be able to answer this question easily and provide you with references, if you'd like to call any of them.

2. As piano movers, what special precautions do you take when moving a piano?
This is a particularly important question since it will let you know quite a bit about what your piano movers plan on doing.

If you feel comfortable with the piano movers you selected, we encourage you to also check their record on the Better Business Bureau web site. If you find that your piano moving company has frequent or unresolved complaints, it may be time to look elsewhere.
Special consideration for piano moving
If you're working with reliable piano movers, they should already be taking special precautions to make sure your piano is moved efficiently and damage-free. Here are some good rules to follow:

- Ask the piano movers to secure the woodwork
Again, all professional piano movers should make this step their priority. The piano should be wrapped to protect it from bumping against walls and other surfaces. The soundboard should be covered as well to protect it from heat and humidity.

- Secure loose parts
If your piano has a lid, key cover or any other loose parts, make sure that you ask your piano movers to secure these so that nothing is lost on the way.

- Make sure the piano is secure to the truck
Again, if you're working with professional piano moves, they should already be familiar with these details. Still, you want to make sure that your piano is tied securely to the truck. Just because the piano is heavy, don't assume it can't fall out. Pianos can easily tip over en route, so make sure your piano movers take the necessary steps to prevent that from happening.

- Protect the piano en route
Make sure your piano movers continue to keep your piano covered on the way. Heat and wetness can damage a piano, so you may want to make sure that the truck your piano movers are using is climate-controlled, especially for long distance moves. Excessive jarring can also untune a piano, so ask your piano movers to make sure yours is stable in the truck.

When it comes to moving your piano, nothing is more important than avoiding damage. Knowing what precautions must be taken and working with reliable piano movers are excellent ways to achieve this goal.

We invite you to fill out our free moving quote form. We only work with licensed, professional piano movers.
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