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Public Self Storage

If you have more stuff than you have space, then you might be thinking about a self storage facility. But how do you select a storage facility that fits all of your needs?
Self Storage Size
Before you even look for a public storage facility, choose which size you'll be most comfortable with. Then, you can call self storage companies and ask them for availability. Most storage companies have a guide to estimating how much space in a storage you'll need. For example, if you just need to store about 50 file boxes or the equivalent of a small hall closet, all you'll need is a 5X5 space. If you're looking to store the furniture of one bedroom plus some boxes, it would make more sense to look at 10x10 self storage facilities. If you're having difficulty estimating the size of the storage you might want, call a few local storage companies. Storage facility managers are experienced with estimating space needs. Tell them what you plan to be storing and they should be able to give you an idea of what self storage size you'll require.
Climate-controlled Self Storage
Depending on what you plan to use your self storage facility for, you may want to make sure that it's climate-controlled. Many items can be damaged by weather conditions and should only be placed in a climate-controlled storage facility. These include wood and antique furniture, furs, papers and files, electronics, musical instruments and so on. If you're not sure whether your items require climate-controlled public storage, ask your storage company. Most storage facilities do have this option available for their customers. Certain items require not just temperature control, but humidity control as well. Examples include wines, leather goods and furs. If you're storing any such items, make sure you ask the storage facility you want to work with beforehand. Humidity control options aren't as widely available for self-storage facilities.
What Goes into a Self Storage
Self storage facilities are incredibly versatile, which means that you can store just about anything you'd like. If you need to store computers, furnishings, mattresses, electronics, pianos, boxes and so on, you can use a self-storage facility. However, there are certain things that you can't place in self storage. These include any kind of hazardous or flammable items, which would include fertilizer, car batteries, lighter fluids, etc. You should also avoid storing food items and plants. Perishables are usually discouraged in even the best climate-controlled public storage facilities.
Selecting a Reliable Storage Facility
When you know how much space you'll need and which items you'd like to store, selecting a reliable storage facility can be easy. First, check with your state about public storage regulations. Some states, such as Illinois and California, require self storage facilities to have licenses. In that case, make sure that the self storage facility you're considering has a valid license. You may also want to check the Better Business Bureau record for the public storage you selected.

Another factor to consider is whether the storage facility also has moving services. Many public storages offer move-in options, which can make your move to the storage more efficient and convenient. If this is something you're interested in, make sure you let your public storage know in advance.

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