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Small Moves

Some times you don't need the entire house packed up, loaded on a truck and moved somewhere. What if you'd like to send your son in college his old bed? Or move just one item out of a storage facility?

Partial moving is a frequently requested moving service. You're moving just one or a few items - but you'd like the professionalism that comes with a full-service moving company. Rest assured that small moves can be done reliably and efficiently by most moving companies in your area.
Selecting a Moving Company for Your Small Move
Whether your move is small or large, you want a reliable dependable moving company. Searching for a moving service to handle your partial move is similar to searching for a regular moving service. The only thing to remember is to mention that you’re looking for someone to handle a small move as soon as you call. Some moving companies don’t work with small moves, so you want to get this information as soon as possible.

When choosing the moving company for your small move, you want to make sure that you’re working with a licensed mover. Many states have their own licensing requirements. If your state is one of these, make sure that the mover you’re choosing is licensed locally. You can also check if your mover is licensed with the US Department of Transportation by looking up the company on the SAFER database.
Preparing for Your Small Move
Since a small move involves moving only a few times, it’s usually easier to prepare for than full-sized moves. Ask your moving company if you’ll need any special packing materials for your items.

You can also request an estimate from the moving service you’ll be working with. Make sure to find out if your moving company has any minimum requirements. For example, many movers who charge by the hour require a minimum of 2-3 hours. But if you’re doing a partial move, you won’t need all this time. Ask the mover in advance if waiving minimum charges for a partial move is an option. Most moving companies who do small moves know that their customers won’t need as many movers or hours.
Selecting a Small Move Company with
When you fill out our moving quote form, you can receive multiple free quotes from local movers in your area. All of our movers are licensed and work efficiently with small moves.
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